Facts and Rumors

Wife to an amazing man (who spent lots of time on the road)

Mommy to three amazing Angels, Daisy, Fin, and Ruby (who spend lots of time in tall grass and red mud)

Daughter of a Mighty King (Who spends lots of time with His children, both those who know Him and those who don’t know Him yet)

About me:

1. I still love playing in the sprinkler
2. I haven’t had my natural haircolor in over 12 years
3. My favorite place on the planet is Nairobi, Kenya
4. I can write upside down
5. Though not a great singer, I’m surrounded by them
6. I LOVE to cook and bake
7. I don’t like cleaning up the kitchen
8. I love the beach
9. I hate sand
10. Personal ironies abound


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